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I am Iris from the small medieval town of Mödling in Austria, Europe. Among the things I love to do is writing and drawing with fountain pens, as well a painting and crafting with fountain pen ink and urushi laquer. The (german) name "Tintenschnecke" is literally translated  to "Ink Snail" (there is the relation to ink) but the german word tintenschnecke usually refers to a sepia, nautilus or ammonite - and it is an ammonite, a prehistoric cephalopod, that is depicted in our logo.

Iris Rausch

Born 1977, raised in Vienna

Occupation: trained retail saleswoman for stationery and fountain pens, at present housewife and mother, arts & crafts work

Works shown on urushi lacquer work, greeting cards

Hobbies: scuba diving, travelling, photography, swimming, crafting