Arts and Crafts in Urushi, Ink and Paper

Urushi lacquered Pens

Our urushi lacquered  fountain pens are handpainted in a timeconsuming process, based on traditional japanese methods interpreted in our own way. High quality japanese urushi -lacquer is handpainted  in many layers, gold and metal powder sprinkled, all layers are sanded and finally polished and finished by hand.

Penfriendly Cards

Greeting cards are usually a pain to use with fountain pens.

Our handmade penfriendly greeting cards collection

is the perfect solution for fountain pen lovers! They are made in two layers, with an outside card made of fine Fabriano Paper and an inner layer of Tomoe-River Paper.

We love what we do

The products we show on our websites are uniquely crafted pieces, that we created in our spare time most carefully with our own hands, hearts and love. Countless hours of work are embedded along with the personality of the creator in each unique item and that shows. We do not offer the machined perfection of industrial made articles, but you will find flaws that add to the beauty and character of each item. All products can be made to order, we can create individual designs for your personal taste or special occasion, as long as our capacity allows for that. We are not comercial vendors or producers, therefore we are not able to produce comercial quantities. We do sell our artifacts privately. You can find information about who we are on our About us page.