Waterman 12


  • Waterman 12, a vintage eyedropper made of ebonite. Gold hallmarked bands. The pen has been covered in layers of black and red base urushi lacquer (wet sanded with #1000 grid sandpaper after each application and curing). The raden pattern is made from blue paua shell. The next layers where done with red and clear urushi, with sprinkled  metal pigments. Once the urushi was completely cured, the pen was wet sanded until the raden became visible and showed through the lacquer. After curing for additional 24hrs, the pen got polished. Length of the production process: 2 months.


    Body Ebonite

    Nib: soft, with easy flex f - 2.02mm

    • Length: Ca.13cm closed, 17 posted.

    Materials lacquer:

    • black, red and clear urushi
    • metal hologram pigments and blue paua shell