Red Twilight Tamenuri


The "Red Twilight" is a platstic fountain pen lacquered in the Tamenuri style. It has been covered in 4 layers of black base urushi lacquer (wet sanded with #1000 grid sandpaper after each application and curing), the next layers where done with red urushi, again curing and sanding after each layer. Then, to cover the red layers, clear natural colored transparent urushi (honey-colored) was used. Once the urushi was completey cured, the pen was wet sanded in bands until the red urushi became visible under the dark clear lacquer. For the finishing kijo-mi urushi got applicated on the pen and wiped off with filtering paper. After curing for additional 24hrs, the pen got polished and once again kijo-mi urushi got applicated and wiped off. After a final curing period the lacquer was burnished and polished to a glasslike shine. Length of the production process: 3 months.


Nib: Steel M, Filling mechanism: Cartdridge / Converter



  • 23,5 x 6,4 x 2,1 cm


  • Black, red, clear and kijo-mi urushi